Health Benefits Of Silver

Silver prevents electromagnetic radiations to enter the body

Silver also plays a vital role to prevent us from electromagnetic radiations that are very harmful to the body. Silver contains positively charged ions, these ions will create a conductive field. This filed will act as a shield and prevent the electromagnetic radiation from entering the body and thus the body will remain safe. This field is also very beneficial in marinating the natural electric flow of our body. Through this field, the overall heat regulation and circulation of the body will also remain maintained.

Silver acts as a fighting agent against bacteria

Silver will fight against the bacteria. This is because of the positively charged ions in silver. In the bacteria, negatively charged oxygen ions are present. Silver will fight against these negatively charged ions and will protect our body from the feeling of cold, flu and many other bacterial infections. Silver will disable the position of bacteria in the body and finally, it will kill the bacteria.

Silver helps with Anxiety

Certain types of jewelry can also be worn to help prevent anxiety and re-center. Simple silver “worry jewelry” and spinner rings, which feature an outer band that spins freely around the inner ring, have been proven to have a calming effect that helps fight anxiety through repetitive motion. Those suffering from anxiety can quietly spin their ring to help combat symptoms even when in a public. In addition to spinner rings, there are thin-lined rings with beads on them for rolling. Puzzle rings are another option, and once a person gets very good at opening and closing them, it can be quite therapeutic.

Silver helps in Arthritis

Different researches have shown that is someone is feeling pain in the joint of the finger, he is suggested to wear a particular type of silver ring. Silver rings will help a lot to reduce the pain from Arthritis. They are solutions to fight hyperextension in the finger joints. They keep away the possibility of contracting chronic conditions.

With the numerous surprising health benefits of silver jewelry, let’s indulge yourself with some amazing beautiful silver jewelry. Whether you believe in all of silver’s reported benefits, wearing silver jewelry is, certainly pleasing way to make you feel happy and enhance the beauty of a woman and add luxury or casual style to a man

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